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Motoring Advice

Winter Driving

We had so many fantastic tips - I've compiled these into a list below:


Stay home!

If the weather is really bad and you can put off travelling stay in.  Suggestions include staying in with a fire, a box set and some wine.  



Find an empty car park and try driving on the ice / snow.  Give yourself space to learn how to correct your car if it slides.  If you have 4 wheel drive it will improve pulling away but not braking - try it out!


Plan your trip

Make sure you know where you are heading to and when you are going to stop.  Pack to survive longer than a usual journey - wear warm clothes and pack blankets and an emergency kit (granola bars, some extra mitts, flashlight and spare batteries).  Leave yourself plenty of time in case of hold ups & because you may need to travel a lot slower on some icy roads.  


Prepare your car

Defrost and de mist your car before you go.  To help your screen stay mist free clean the inside with a little shaving foam (weird tip but it seems to work).  Don't switch the heater on straight away it takes time for the water system to warm up and putting the heater to full straight away actually lengthens that time.  Don't operate your wipers whilst there's still ice on the screen. It's like dragging the blades across broken glass.  

Keep your fuel level above a quarter of a tank & use decent screen wash for winter weather.  


Drive cautiously

This tip is for all weather but especially in the snow. Arrive at a corner at the right speed, keep the speed constant mid corner and accelerate out of the corner. In slow out fast. Overload the fronts by braking into the corner and you'll be in the ditch in no time.  Leave other drivers plenty of space - don't assume they know what they are doing!  

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